Hajer Mustafa

Hajer Mustafa is a graduate student completing a Masters of Science (Kinesiology) in the Rehabilitation Neuroscience laboratory. Hajer was the first person to graduate with a baccalaureate degree in Biology, concentrated in Neurobiology, at the University of Victoria in December 2016. Hajer’s interests in science range from the cosmos to the magnificent forms found in the natural world as well as the cellular/molecular basis of life.


Throughout her studies she incorporates her passions into everything she does and strives to create comprehensive & communicable results to share with the world. As a member of Let’s Talk Science for 4 years and Science Venture, Hajer developed her outreach skills that were later used to facilitate conversations within the community.


Hajer’s research interests include motor control, neural/ spinal cord plasticity and rehabilitation. The project that she is working on is a Martial Arts intervention that uses a Karate based sequence focused on balance and postural control. As a yogi, Hajer has seen changes in both her brain & body through exercise and introducing the Pinan Nidan sequence into her daily movement practice lead to beneficial changes. Although the study will be focused on older adults & participants with neurological conditions, Hajer is a strong advocate for mind-body exercises for ANY individual and hopes that her research will help all people optimize their
health and increase their quality of life- regardless of their conditions.


Outside of the lab, Hajer spends time being creative and exploring nature (& loves the combination of both!). Film photography, flow arts (yoga, karate, hula-hooping) and festivals are outlets that encourage her personal growth by blending her knowledge and imagination. Hajer appreciates all the opportunities she has received in life and makes a conscious effort to give back to the community in whatever ways she can.