Greg Pearcey

Greg has always had a passion for sports and exercise, which influenced him to complete a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Master’s in Exercise Physiology at Memorial University. Greg moved from Newfoundland to Victoria, BC in August 2014 to complete his PhD under the supervision of Dr. E Paul Zehr in the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Lab. His PhD work focuses on exercise interventions to reduce spasticity and improve walking after neurologically impairments and the use of sensory information to enhance motor performance. Greg is a Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)-Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) and CSEP-CEP Instructor/Examiner and has extensive experience training individuals of various physical abilities, including varsity and professional athletes, as well as clinical populations. Outside of school and work, Greg enjoys riding his motorcycle, skiing camping and hiking, spending time with his dogs, hitting the weights, and/or playing hockey.