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I write books on science and the superhero in you.

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Postal Address

Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory
University of Victoria
PO Box 3010 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3N4

Courier Address

Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory
University of Victoria
Mckinnon 172, 3800 Finnerty Road (Ring road)
Victoria, BC, V8P 5C2

Victoria Yuishinkai and Ryukyu Kobujutsu

For the past 35 years, my daily training in martial arts enables and sustains my focus of body and mind. I share this passion and knowledge with my group when we train twice weekly at Ecole Brodeur in Esquimalt.

I do media interviews and attend events related to empowerment through science, superheroes, martial arts, and human achievement.

Interviews      Events/Appearances

My team and I work diligently on basic human and translational clinical research in the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Victoria.


I work as a … at ZanShin Consulting…


We provide specialized lectures, professional consultation, and or interviews ranging across rehabilitation, neuroscience, kinesiology, martial arts, and the science of superheroes. I also provide in-service training for police services and justice institutes on instructing physical skills in use of force application. All my consulting activities are conducted under my company, Zanshin Consulting Inc.


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